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Info Cards

Info Cards

Click Here to download our info cards!    


How to:

  • Click the link above, it will open an option to save or open the file. Press save file, go to your file folder on your computer.
  • Go to the "Downloads" folder located on the left hand side or under the option "This PC".
  • Double click the file "".
  • Then double click the "Website Cards" file, locate the "Extract All" button at the top of the window and click it (Other operating systems might have a seperate screen pop up, if so just click the same file name once and press extract).
  • A "Copy" window will pop up for you to save the files to a preferred spot in your documents. Either click the dropdown arrow to choose "Documents" and click ok or press the "Browse" (...) button.
  • A Browse for folder window will pop up. Click the "Documents" folder once and press ok at the bottom of the window.
  • Press ok on the "Copy" screen.
  • Go back to your file folder and locate your "Documents" folder, the folder named "Website Cards" is where the PDF files are at your fingertips ready to print out when needed!
  • We recommend printing on 67 pound or heavier card stock.
  • Note: We have left the retail price and location off since there are so many possible variations.

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