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Clearance Tumbled Stone By The Kilo

Good quality Tumbled Stone in KILO (2.2 pounds) bags. These are our standard grade stones, we just have too many. So, here's the deal: $24.00 per kilo up to 5 kilos; in quantities of 5 kilos or more $22.00 per Kilo. You may choose more than one stone type by entering one choice then coming back to the product screen and choosing another as many times as you like. Your shopping cart and order confirmation email will not show the discount for 5 kilos or more we will compute it manually and it will appear on your final invoice sent with the package(s). Choose stone type(s) from dropdown menu. Note About Sizes: All the bags are somewhat mixed sizes, some may be mostly smaller and others will be mostly larger sizes. Some of the Rose Quartz is all small and very small sizes.


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  Number of Option in Stock: 29
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Availability: Substantial Quantities

Product Code: CLTS

Origin: Worldwide

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