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Solutions to known end-user glitches (that is, glitches occurring on your end not on our website) on our website can be found below.  If you experience a problem logging in (or any other glitches with our site, for that matter) that cannot be solved by the information provided here, please email us at to report the problem and we will do our best to solve the problem or find a simple workaround.


Known Issues


When I login, I get redirected back to the login page and asked to login again, or I login and can see prices but I get asked to login again at checkout. - We have modified our code to prevent this glitch; it should no longer occur in up-to-date, standards-compliant browsers. If you still use an older browser like Internet Explorer 6, the entire online community highly recommends that you upgrade.

This issue appears to be caused by improperly installed or incompatible browser addons or by glitches within the browser itself.  While this glitch can be annoying, it can be dealt with in two ways:

  • Workaround (Recommended for Computer Beginners):  You can log in again when prompted until you remain logged in.  You shouldn't have to do this more than twice from the main login screen or three times if you are prompted at checkout.  If prompted at checkout, you can also click the login link at the top of the page to take you to the main login screen (reducing the number of times you have to enter your information).  This workaround adds steps to your shopping experience, but allows you to shop without having to reset your web browser settings and add-ons.
  • Solution (Recommended for Those with Average or Better Computer Skills): You can reset your browser to default settings.  Keep in mind that this will reset any of your custom settings and disable any addons that are active in your browser (toolbars, apps, etc.), but has the added benefit of preventing the glitch from happening again and preventing glitches with other web pages besides our own.  You don't have to leave your add-ons uninstalled for this solution to work; you can re-enable them immediately after the reset.  If you use Internet Explorer, you can reset your browser by going to the Tools menu, selecting Internet Options, selecting the Advanced tab, clicking Reset, then clicking Reset again in the box that pops up.  If you use another browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.), look up your browser's help page to find instructions on restoring default settings.


My account has been approved (I received an approval email), but I was redirected to the Approval Pending Review (account not yet approved) page.

If you have received an approval email, but you have arrived at the Approval Pending Review page you probably arrived there by accident.  This could be caused by a number of things; the most likely are listed below:

  • The page is still in your browsing history and you accidentally selected it from your browser's suggestions while typing our web address.  If this is the case, you arrived here by mistake and should be able to login and view prices normally by clicking the Login link.
  • You logged in and were redirected to the page immediately after login.  Assuming that your account was approved, this is likely due to a browser error.  You should be able to navigate to other pages on our site and still see prices.  If not, try logging in again.  If this works, then you have a web browser issue similar to the one described above; see the above workaround/solution for instructions.
  • Your account was rejected.  If you did not receive an "account rejected" email, then this is not the case.

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